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(PSP) Tales of Eternia [IDWS/MEDIAFIRE]

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(PSP) Tales of Eternia [IDWS/MEDIAFIRE]

Cover Tales of Eternia
Tales of Eternia (テイルズ オブ エターニア Teiruzu obu Etānia) is a JapanesePlayStation action role-playing video game released by Namco on November 30, 2000, selling 873,000 copies and later ported to the PlayStation Portable on March 3, 2005, selling 398,000 copies.
 Tales of Eternia's characteristic genre name is RPG of Eternity and Bonds (永遠と絆のRPG Eien to kizuna no RPG)Eternia is a 2D anime-style RPG with an original real-time battle system taken from its predecessors, Tales of Phantasia and Tales of Destiny. It is the third "Mothership Title" of the Tales RPG series; the Linear Motion Battle System, as well as various other aspects from previousTales titles, still feature prominently.

Screenshot Preview :

Rating by Other website Review :
- GameFAQs Rating Average   = 8.1
- MetaCritic MetaScore            = 78
- Reader Review (gamefaqs)    = 8.4
- User Score (gamespot)         = 8.7
- Gamespot Rating Average     = 7.1

Rating by Blogger :
- Story          = 82
- Gameplay    = 93
- Grafik         = 81

[TOTAL : 463 MB]
(Thanks to : vnsharing.net)
Tales Of Eternia.part1.rar
Tales Of Eternia.part2.rar
Tales Of Eternia.part3.rar
Tales Of Eternia.part4.rar
Tales Of Eternia.part5.rar
(Thanks to : Councilor)
Tales of Eternia (UNDUB) Part 1 [250 MB]
Tales of Eternia (UNDUB) Part 2 [235.59 MB]

Pass = WHAT??!????!!?!??

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